Getting Started!


So, you’ve decided you’d like to become more proficient in English.

First and foremost, practise using English as much as you can. Here are some tips:

  • Making mistakes are a part of the learning curve, never be afraid to try!
  • Follow your interests, start looking at magazines and books in English.
  • Watch TV shows/movies with English sub-titles to build your vocabulary and understanding.
  • Join a group where English is the dominant language. Be prepared to listen a lot at first!
  • Make a committent to a series of lessons.


Support your children in their mother tongue: research shows this enables them to “hang other languages” onto their mother tongue. It’s important to nourish and place importance on their first language first and foremost – this allows them to maximise additonal language learning.
Encourage English as a “hobby” e.g., provide magazines related to your childrens interests in English, they can use their favourite video games using the English setting for example. Formal lessons and tuition are also ways to increase their ability in English as an additional language.


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