“Commitment, professionalism and management strengths are skills Jessica bring to her chosen profession (teaching).”
S. Cooper – Director, Centre for Teacher Education. University of Waikato, 2009.

“My family and I had planned to move to New Zealand, so we were looking for someone with understanding of that particular culture who could prepare us. Jessica helped us to speak and understand English better and taught us some differences between British and New Zealand English. She is patient, and takes time to explain if you don’t understand. She brings humour into the lessons and has a lot of background information about New Zealand. She is approachable, a good listener, friendly and easy to communicate with – thanks Jessica for the lessons.”

“Jessica provides effecive teacher communication. Her communication is easy to follow and understand… the pace of her instruction is supportive.”

“I thought that she gave good lessons and good explanations when I didn’t understand. There was also time for a joke in between. I learned a lot.”

“The lessons were very informative and nice, Jessica had a good sense of humour and this made the lessons relaxed and made me feel confident.

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